Apr 26, 2012


It's here.  Summer weather.  Winter didn't really exist this year in Arkansas, just a brief chilliness between Fall and Spring.  Now...the past couple days...summer weather has reared its ugly head.  I. Hate. Summer. In. Arkansas.  Hate it.  It is so humid and so hot, it leaves me miserable wishing for someone to invent clothes with A/C piped through them.  My hair frizzes more--thank you humidity.  My straight hair never stays straight--thank you my super-human ability to sweat buckets while doing anything.  Utility and gas prices sky-rocket because I've cranked up the A/C and turned on every fan to somehow cool down my heat-radiating body.  I. Hate. Summer. In. Arkansas.

In Ukraine it was hot, don't get me wrong.  However, it was nothing like here.  Plus I didn't care what I looked like most of the summer in Ukra-zy because I was at camp in the middle of no-where (with the ability to shower hopefully every 3 days, sometimes less sometimes more) 90% of the time.  The ponytail was a gal's best friend.  Even last summer--my first full summer back in Arkansas in about 8 years--I didn't have a job and could somehow find away around the perils of the summer heat and their side-affects on my person.

This year, however, I have a job.  A job where I have to wear business-casual attire, which never includes jean shorts and a tank top.  I job where I have to walk, in the sun, from my car to the door and sweat along the way praying I won't have a big wet spot on my back when I get to my desk and my curls pressed against my forehead.  Yes, it has begun.  The summer weather has begun, and I hate it.  Maybe I'll just wear a dress or skirt every day.  That's kinda like shorts, right?  Then continue to borrow my co-workers small fan (yes, continue, as I even sweat in winter), making sure it clears up that wet spot on my back.  Today I have on jeans because it's "Jeans Day."  Bad choice.  I immediately regretted it when I walked outside my apartment building and was hit in the face with the humidity AT 7:40 AM!  I. Hate. Summer. In. Arkansas.  Ya, there's no "love" in this hate relationship.


Bynum said...

Wasn't it you who was a giddy and exited about the 70s, almost 80 degree weather in February? And I quickly informed you that those kind of temperatures in February are gross? I tried to tell you to not wish away the cooler weather.

Obviously, I too loather summer weather in AR.

Garrett J Rea said...

Looking forward to it