May 8, 2012


At one of my favorite cafes in Lviv.
I often find myself missing little things here and there about living in Europe.  Tonight I find myself missing the way coffee is served and enjoyed.  There is such delicate beauty in the way you are served a cappuccino or espresso or french press.  You don't go to Starbucks (at least not in Ukraine) and get a grande, nonfat, soy anything in a paper cup surrounded by cardboard.  You go to a sweet little cafe, sit down, and order a simple no-fuss (or maybe a little fuss) beverage.  It is brought to you in an actual coffee cup (not mug) and saucer, and--depending on the order--with a side of sparkling water and a small, sweet biscotti.  It makes you feel special, like you are worth the cup they have to wash not just throw away; you're worth the presentation of it all.  The coffee just seems to taste better!  You sit at your table and slowly sip, enjoy, and really taste the coffee while you also enjoy simple, lovely time alone or with friends.  If you want cream, you actually have to order it, as there is no trough where the 1/2 & 1/2, skim, or 2% milk reside.  It's not a rushed, get your caffeine fix routine, but rather a special, slow-down and sit-down, enjoyable social event.  It's....lovely.  I miss this.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a gold card member at Starbucks, but a girl can still miss the simple beauty of how it is done in another world, another life.


The Reluctant Missionary said...

I loved your description and I have loved sitting across the table from you at so many of those delicately beautiful coffees!

Garrett J Rea said...

Ahhhhhh. Mapa perhaps? (the answer is yes)

Angela said...