Apr 23, 2012


This is my latest Pinterest-inspired project.  I have a big blank wall in my office that I have been itching to cover with a canvas or something colorful.  Well, I finally bought the big canvas, then scoured Pinterest to spark my creative juices.  I found this and thought it was really cute.  Now, it's not that I'm a huge chevron fan...honestly I think of an oil and gas company not an art technique...but none the less I liked the simplicity with an abstract flair.  THUS I decided this would be my office painting project.  So, without further ado, here is my project and the creative process that took it to its fruition.

Note: Do not buy cheap painters' tape from the dollar store.  It does not work well and will require assistance from other sticky sources.

I love yellow and thus believe it should be a staple color in most things.

I also love blue.  Nothing like my two favorite colors coming together in random brush strokes of harmony.

Red is also a nice accent...unless it looks bloody, then you add in some pink to brighten it up.

Since you've added some pink, might as well as throw in tiny sparks of orange and teal.  I mean, might as well.

Removing the tape was both satisfying--to finally be done with it and able to discard it to the trash where the whole roll belongs--and exciting.  Now, to keep it white or stick with the original plan of grey?

NEITHER!  Go with some grey lines, some lighter grey, and some white.  CREATING!!

Hope you like it!!  I like to think of it as both a shock to the system that at first makes you question its beauty, but then makes you revel in the brightness and conjured feelings of levity.

Enjoy.  Or don't.  It's art!  


Troy said...

Like the painting and when you enjoy creating something it doesn't matter what others think. Just be sure to put an outlandish price tag on it you never know when the person might come into your office and want to buy it. Great job!

Garrett J Rea said...

Blog you very much for the post. Nice art