Sep 24, 2011


IT's FALL!!  At least in my mind it is.  The weather has stayed put in the 60s & 70s this past week, raining, and being just cozy.  Granted I have been sick the past 5 days and haven't really been outside, but still.  I have enjoyed it from inside the comfort of my new living situation.

This is our deck. Very cozy and cute.
I am currently living in Fayetteville, AR in a fabulous apartment with my friend Kristen.  She needed a roommate for 5 months while her sister is studying in Costa Rica, so I humbly obliged.  It is huge.  I'm pretty sure I have the better deal, as my closet is big enough to be another bedroom.  I happily live here, helping Kristen out with rent, while I can.  Since I work in Rogers--the commute is kicking my gas budget's rear--it's been a but difficult to get up earlier than I would usually need to, but it's worth it.

Today, I ventured out of the apartment (as afore mentioned, I have been sick and therefore holed up in the apartment for five days), bought a few groceries, and now lounging/blogging on our deck.  It's lovely.  I am thoroughly enjoying this new place.  AND I LOVE FALL!!  I love overcast, 69 degree days!!  Welcome back Fall!  I greet you with open arms and much adoration.

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