Feb 4, 2011


Northwest Arkansas (and surrounding areas) has been hit hard with snow this winter.  The past few days have been a snowy, ice blur.  I was excited to have my first full week of subbing, alas I only subbed Monday.  The snow took the week away, as I watched the "school closings" ticker each day to show "Rogers Schools - closed".  sigh  Yes, I do enjoy sleeping in, laying around the house, watching shows, and seeing the beautiful white encompass us.  However, I also enjoy getting paid.  Oh well.  It's nice none-the-less.  We've literally been snowed-in.  My little red speeder can't make it out--or at least I'm not going to attempt it.  Yesterday, though, we decided we had to leave the house!  We went for a walk down the street, braving the slippery path as the usually noticeable ditch has become a mere extension of the road, and the asphalt is covered with a thick layer of frozen everything.  Goodtimes.  Here are some photos to enjoy...it's almost like you were there!

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