Feb 9, 2011


Remember how I said January was such a good month for me?  Feelings of possibility and hope starting to seep in.  Well, February has started off not too shabby.  We've seen two of Arkansas' largest snow storms within a couple weeks of each other...forcing us to stay in and, well, entertain ourselves.  My little red car could even get out if it tried after today's blizzard.  Seriously, we walked through snow up to my knees!  Anyway, it's been nice to be stuck for a while, without the pressure of making daily decisions to do something, go somewhere, be someone.  The decision is made for me.  Thus I've been in the house watching shows online, watching movies, cooking, then occasionally breaking out and taking a walk in the snow.  It's been nice.  Though, these blizzards haven't been too great at helping me with my little problem...yes, I have a problem.  I am admitting it.  I am whole-heartedly addicted to watching movies and watching tv shows online.  There!  I've said it (or rather typed it) for the world to hear (or rather read)!  I just love watching shows...escaping to another place, into someone else's story, if only for 20 minutes, 1 hour, or however long.  I've always been a movie girl (as I'm just an overall visual person).  My dvd collection is a tad much.  It's my thing.  

But...you know what else is "my thing"?  Books.  I love books.  Well, I love buying books not so much reading them.  I really really enjoy going to Barnes&Noble, Borders, or wherever, looking through the sale bin, and finding a gem...a diamond in the rough, if you will.  As I was preparing to move to Ukraine, almost three years ago, I bought tons of books and had tons given to me.  I packed them all up, and shipped them to Ukraine.  "Why, Brittney, you never actually read the books you buy?" you may ask.  Because, Imaginary Person, I thought, finally, I will have the time to read my tons of books.  I didn't have a television, no movie theatre to go to, no ABC.com to watch shows on (or even consistent internet...in the beginning).  Nope, just me and my tons of books.  Guess how many books I read in the two and a half years I lived in Ukraine.  Guess!  Four.  Sure, initially that doesn't sound that bad.  But seriously, out of probably fifty books I read a mere four!  After some time I got better, faster internet, and the missionary community whispered to me the secrets of watching all the shows online you could ever want to watch!  

I do like to read, don't get me wrong.  I feel that way every time I read a good book...one that makes me visualize the characters in my head and imagine everything I'm reading playing out like a movie.  It's fun, really.  But then I get pulled in to another tv series or watch the latest romantic comedy, and I'm sucked right back into my alternate, addictive reality. 

In the past two and a half weeks I have read two books.  I am amazed with myself.  One was a book I found in a dollar bin at B&N two and a half weeks ago, and the other was one of the hopeful books I bought almost three years ago....it's been to Ukraine and back and finally has been read.  They were both really good.  At least to this not-so-critical critic they were.  Some may scoff at this number and say, "Two books in two weeks! That's nothing! I read two books in two hours or two minutes!"  Well, to you, Mr. Jerk SuperReader, I say:  First, shut up!  Second, you are not very nice. It's not cool to scoff at people's accomplishments however small you may deem them. Third, you read crazy fast and should maybe layoff the books a bit and put some more people-time in.  Fourth,...ok, I forgot where I was going with this.  ANYWAY...This is for sure a record for me (not counting the insane amount of books I had to read in high school and college).  I have already picked out my next book.  I've caught the "reading is fun!" fever!  I'm trying to stick to all the books I've had on my shelf for three or more years....but those sale bins call my name every now and again.  Keep rooting for me!  I might just grow to love reading books as much as I love buying them! 


The Reluctant Missionary said...

Yeah, Hurray, So Proud!! You are ticking things off your list and 2 books in two weeks is legit! Nice work B -
thanks for sharing something that I know can seem like a dirty secret but you brought light to something in your life and trust that God is working it out - thanks for the reminder for whoever is reading this to not let things hang out in the dark for too long! Love you -

Alice Robbins said...

Proud of you!!!! Someone gave me a Kindle when I was home and I cannot believe how much I have read in the last few weeks!!! I am with you!!! Keep up the reading!

Geidlbots said...

I love this post. You are hilarious. I loved the "Mr. Jerk Super Reader." Hilarious. I love to recommend books, so if you're ever in a slump, let me know! I'm currently reading The Bourne Identity right now. It's good.

Angela said...

Love this post. I also love getting wrapped up in others' drama via t.v. and movies. LOVE Netflix on-demand! I am also a newly made book lover. Funny to be finally enjoying reading when you're nearly 30! I'll admit to that I also love to peruse B&N for a delightful looking new book, but I also admit that I don't look in a sale bin. I didn't even know that there were any... I have pretty much stopped, though, after spending full price (nearly $20) on a TERRIBLE book and feeling so terrible about spending nearly $20 that I felt like I had to finish the terrible 450 page book. Bleck. ( I highly recommend AGAINST Jodi Picoult.)

I hope that you can feel the freedom to read at your own pace. 2 books in 2 weeks is killer, and I know it feels good. Believe me, I'm a part of the SRBC (Slow Readers Book Club.) But, really, I think you should cherish the book that your in, and if you are, who cares how long it takes you to finish it or when you pick up the next.