May 22, 2009


What is it about Spring/warm weather that makes everyone pair up? The other day I walked outside, pleasantly surprised by the lovely warm weather (it has been chilly earlier this month). As I walked through the nearby park area I noticed something rather interesting: pairs, or couples rather...everywhere! Everywhere I looked there was a man and a woman paired up having their own little one-on-one time! No lie! Where did all these couples come from?!

I have been walking this particular path at least twice a day for a year, and never have I seen such a sight. She's on his lap. He's on her lap! They're making out. He's whispering something in her ear. His hands on her rear, and hers in on his (very Sixteen Candles). This couple has contorted themselves into a human pretzel while maintaining their make-out session--I stopped to applaud them...ok, not really. They're looking longily into each others eyes. She's feeding him. He's tickling her. Giggle giggle giggle. Poke poke poke. End scene.

You may be thinking, "oh, Brittney, you're just imagining all that. I'm sure not everyone was coupled up." Wrong. It's true. No exaggeration. I mean, I really did consider this...that maybe my singleness is only allowing me to see what I do not have because of some inner desire to have such a relationship, but in this situation this is not the case. Where have all these couples been? What is it about the warm air of spring that makes people pair up? Or was it that they were already paired up, but it was too cold to make-out they were reduced to doing such things inside, less visible to all passersby. Sure. Maybe that's it.

Side Note: I'm not so much bothered by the PDA. Having been here for a while, I'm kinda just used to it, though it can sometimes get a little ridiculous. That's not what the post is about. I was just shocked by all the couples and how weird it seemed that literally everywhere I looked there was a couple. Rather than some families, singles, friends, and couples all walking around, it was just couples.


Samantha said...

If only they were walking down the hall (er, across the park) holding pinkies. That would be VERY 16 Candles.

One of the worst PDA incidents is the make out session in the car at a red light. Sick, especially if you are stopped next to them and of course can't move anywhere.

Alice Robbins said...

I understand!!! There have been several couples here in Poland where I wanted to tell them to go get a room!!! It is just irritating to me now.. An eye sore. Then I remember how lost they are. . . I'm with you friend!!

Jay said...

I think it is sweet. The world needs a little more love and as long as they are in the park they will not be anything past first base (what ever that is?)