Jun 8, 2009


Just last week we were at JV Summer Intern Training. Training is always kicked off with JV's own mini-version of the Amazing Race. It's intense, exhausting, super cool, and worth all the crap we go through! :-) Each country (9 this year, I think) has its intern teams, and we all race against each other. This year all interns flew into Vienna, Austria, and as soon as they all got in the race began. We had to go all over Vienna conquering challenges like finding this statue and that church, getting locals to say something in another language, and searching an amusement park to name pictures! It was an insane but super fun first day. The day ended with a train ride to Bratislava, Slovakia. Much to our amazement we came in first place the first night (along with Czech Team Leah--we held hands and shared the first place victory)! The second day was much more trying. We had to make our way to Budapest, Hungary, climb mountains (well, they felt like mountains to me), eat super crazy spicy soup, act out a movie scene with a local, and balance baseball bats on our hands. It was a crazy day! We then went back to Bratislava. AGAIN much to our surprise, we got first place the second day. Day three mainly consisted of a small "find this statue" challenge in Bratislava then making our way to Malenovice, Czech Republic, where all our conferences/trainings are held. It was a blur really, BUT we made it all in one piece. The end result from all three days and all challenges...VICTORY TEAM UKRAINE!! Every year we have gotten third place (three years straight), and finally we have broken the cycle!

At Prater Park in Vienna. We finished the challenge & decided to celebrate with silliness...as always.

Team Picture on top of this monster hill in Budapest...Syava (far right) and his friend Ura made our "Jesus Loves Ukraine" t-shirts! They're awesome! So many amazing conversations and interactions came out of our t-shirts...plus you could always spot us coming!

We made it!


Geidlbots said...

Sounds like so much fun. I would love to do something like that sometime! How long have you been there now? 2 years? How long do you plan to be there?

Geidlbots said...

I would LOVE to come visit you! Do you care if I bring three munchkins and a big husband?

joe brooks said...

pshhhhhh... 1st place, nursed paste. we totally couldve won if we wanted to. we just wanted to be humble and let all of you beat us so you would feel good about yourselves.

ok true story, we had a team meeting last night and watched yours and nates pantomime video on facebook. priceless.