Dec 19, 2008


I'm at this moment laying in MY bed in MY apartment in...where...LVIV! "Where are you supposed to be, Brittney?" you may ask. Well, I am supposed to be in Budapest. I was supposed to arrive there via train this morning at 9:45am and then go to the airport to greet my sister and brother-in-law who flew in at 11:05am. Did that happen? No.

I go to the train station last night to start my journey to Budapest. As I rush up to where everyone pointed me to go (I had no idea which car to get on), I asked "Budapest toot (here)?" They said, yes but it's not going. WHAT?! After this woman said somethings to me in Ukrainian and I became more and more panicked, I could no longer process in Ukrainian. I asked if anyone there spoke English. Thankfully a man there did, and he informed me that the train workers in Budapest were/are on strike! SO...there are no trains going to Budapest. I just starred at him for a moment in shock. Finally mustering up some words, I asked what do I do now? Being of no more help to me...I walked away trying desperately not to break down on platform number 3.

I spent the rest of my night last night trying to find a way to Budapest to be with my sister and brother-in-law AND a way to get them back to Lviv. After lots of research and tons of help from my AMAZING, WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS friends we found a bus that went, but it would cost too much and would take way too much time...deeming it pointless. I then put all of my focus on getting them here. Two options have presented themselves:

A) Pray that the strike ends, and that they can train to Lviv on Sunday (they had already booked a place to stay until Sunday)


B) Bus to Kosice, Slovakia then take a train from there to Lviv. It'll be quite a trip, but right now that's the best looking option.

So there you have it. That is why I'm at my apartment and not with my sister in Budapest. I'm upset. I'm sad, angry, and...well...sad. I know I will see them soon, but I just really wanted to be there when they got in, ya know. It's been so long since I've seen them. Patience. Waiting. Strikes suck.

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