Dec 17, 2008


My sister and brother-in-law, Brooke and Garrett, are coming on Friday! I train to Budapest tomorrow to pick them up at the airport. I'm so excited!! It's so very unreal. Honestly, I'm not sure that I will truly believe they are here until I see them in my apartment...or on a marshrutka, cause that's very very Ukrainian.

My family life and my JV life have never collided, and finally it will. We will be spending lots of time in Lviv, letting them experiene a piece of my life here and to celebrate Christmas. Then we're going on a bit of a JV tour. I'm taking them to Czech, via Poland to hopefully meet the Hashes, to show them Malenovice Hotel, the JV offices, and lots of my JV friends in the area. It's such a blessing to finally have an opportunity to share another major part of who I am/where I came from with my JV family. YAY!!!

They're silly


Samantha said...

That's so exciting! Have such a great time with them!

Anonymous said...

I know all of you are excited and I am glad that your "lil" sis will be with you and Garrett is a plus! Enjoy your time together. We will be coming next! Love Mom