Dec 13, 2008


The moment I got back from Czech Republic I got sick. I was basically an invalid for a week, thus my updates have fallen behind schedule. My bad. Blame my snot.'s an update about the AMAZING Thanksgiving week I had! (pictures provided through the link in my "Life Snapshots" and in the previous post)

Sunday, November 23rd I got on skype to video chat with my family back in Arkansas. They were celebrating Thanksgiving that weekend because it was the best time for everyone to get together. As I chatted with my mom and cousins, I started getting sad. It was a sweet time, though, of still feeling like I was there…at least a little bit. THANKFULLY, every year Josiah Venture has a Thanksgiving Retreat for all the second and third culture missionaries who stay overseas during the holiday. At first I wasn’t planning on going because it’s so far to travel, but I am so glad I changed my mind!

We started the week off with only seven of us—a summer camp planning committee. We had meetings Monday-Wednesday afternoon. These were some of the best meetings I have been a part of! The meetings really lit a fire under me, getting me excited about next summer. We bathed every decision--every song, every talk, every clip, every design--in prayer. God truly led these meetings, and it was an honor to be a part of that.

Then came the rest of the JV families! We had such a fun time. I got to see all my Little Beauties, who I worked with at JV Kids Camp earlier this summer, as well as great friends. There was a traditional “Turkey Bowl” (American football) game before the big meal. I did play, and boy was my body angry at me the rest of the week. I was so stinkin sore! But it was totally worth it. The food was also amazing. Everyone brought something—I contributed muffins—and we were lacking for nothing. God provided in huge amazing ways…all the dishes we would’ve had in the states and more! Connie Patty even made a pecan pie--for the first time--just for me! Dave Patty, JV President, also spoke throughout the week. It was a impacting series on idols and what stands in our way of truly experiencing true worship. Dave did a fabulous job of really cutting to the core of what idols are and how we can recognize them in our lives. God never ceases to amaze me when I go to a JV conference. I always walk away penetrated and changed…in a good way.

Friday night I was invited to one of the older JV kid’s (Hannah Ellenwood) ball, which was amazing. We sat and watched the students do their fancy ballroom dances and competitions, and then it was our turn to get on the dance floor and break it down somethin fierce! It was so much fun and allowed me more time to get to know some of the JV kids even better. FINALLY, Saturday night was the JV Kids Talent show. I participated in the opening act, which was like a English camp dance on steroids. There was a large group of us who learned a dance earlier in the week, and performed it to kick off the talent show. The rest of the evening was filled with singing, dancing, instrument playing, comedy skits, videos, and much more. It was hilarious as well as shocking to see how extremely talented all the JV kids are. There's something in the water...but it's a special JV Talent-filled water! You can go here to watch videos
of these amazing kids.

The retreat was exactly what I needed. I still missed being with my family, but that was a great substitute.

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erin said...

sorry you've been sick. stinkin snot! you changed the look of your blog!! very nice. i love the colors!