Dec 4, 2008



Skyping with my cousins at my parents house before Thanksgiving


Don't know what I'd do without Katka & Laura! Those two weirdos in the back aren't so bad either.


JV Family praying before our Thanksgiving meal

Dinner with some of the JV kids...I'm making that face on purpose

and FUN

So much fun in the annual JV Turkey Bowl...was super sore the rest of the week & I may have pulled something...but it was worth it!

Going to Hannah Ellenwood's ball...unfortunately I don't have a good picture of my hot date (Hayley Ellenwood) and I OR Hannah, so this will have to suffice. Believe me, though, we broke it down somethin' fierce!

The JV Kids Talent Show! This is Tyler Patty doin his "Backstreet Boys" thang...Katka and I are now his managers, as we have officially started the JV Talent Search Corporation

I am truly blessed.

(for more pictures, click on the links in my "Life Snap Shots" section)

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lp said...

please learn the moves to beyonce's new song, "all the single ladies" and post the video. i'll be waiting.