Nov 22, 2008


I keep the windows open in my bedroom because it gets super hot in my apartment. The people who run my building also decide when to turn on and how to regulate the heating, thus I have no control over how high or low I want the heater to run. This morning I woke up and looked out the window to survey the damages of what sounded like a big storm last night. I didn't see any damages, though, only a lovely blanket of snow! That's right it has officially snowed in Lviv. This is my first snow first sign of winter (well, besides the paralyzing cold). It's pretty and way better than the constant rain we've been having. Ya know, this may even be the first time I have ever seen snow before Thanksgiving! It rarely ever gets this cold in Arkansas and Texas (where I ususally am for the holidays). Seems like this year I will have a white Thanksgiving and Christmas!
*cue song: "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"*

my building's courtyard with a fresh, light blanket of snow

I leave for Czech Republic on Monday. I'm going to attend our annual JV Thanksgiving Retreat. I'm really excited to spend this time with my friends and JV family. It's hard being away from home, from family, during the holidays, and I think it will help sharing this time with close friends who understand exactly how I feel. Plus there'll be turkey and all the fixins!!

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Denver grandma said...

Love your post! I wish I could be at the JV Thanksgivng time! I am having a good time with my family though.

Have a good time!!!