Nov 19, 2008


Brittney woke up this morning not to her normal annoying alarm clock and phone alarm, but to the sound of her doorbell ringing. "Is that the doorbell?" she thought. "It couldn't be!" She jumped up realizing she had overslept and it was in fact the doorbell. It was being rung by her Ukrainian language teacher. She was right on time for their morning language lesson. Brittney, though, was not.

Brittney jumped out of bed yelling, "Moment!" and "Hold on!", all in English as she cannot speak understandable Ukrainian after being suddenly awoken. Quickly, she threw on a t-shirt, hoping it wasn't the same one she wore to Monday's language lesson, and some pants that could possibly pass for non-pajama-like attire. Brittney went to the door, unlocked the three locks, and presented herself disheveled and half awake to her teacher. Her teacher somehow knew what had happened and understood, giving Brittney time to organize herself and wake up a little before starting their lesson.

The positive of having a morning language lesson is that you have the rest of your day to work on whatever need be. Today Brittney decided that right after her lesson would be a perfect time to go to the gym, get in a workout, then continue with her day accordingly. As the morning had already been a struggle, she hoped the rest of the day would work out. Brittney rushed out of the apartment at 10:30am to catch the bus to her gym. The gym is a 30 minute ride away and closes at noon, so she hoped to get there as quickly as possible. It was rainy and cold, with a few sputters of snow, not making it the most pleasant walk. As Brittney stepped up onto a curb, almost to her destination, her foot slipped right out from under her, and she fell landing face-first on the dirty, wet pavement. "Seriously!" she exclaimed, thinking this couldn't possibly have just happened. Oh but it did. There are witnesses to prove it. Brittney picked herself up, checked for blood, and walked on frozen, wet, dirty, and irritated. She turned the corner to the bus stop just in time to see her bus drive away. There are other busses, mind you, but the next typically doesn't come for at least 20 minutes...20 minutes she did not have. As she tried to persevere and wait for another bus, a man stepped in front her just as he took the last puff of his cigarette blowing it directly into her face. That was it. She was done. Brittney turned around and walked away from the bus stop. No gym today.

Brittney also needed to pay some bills, so, being as she was already out, she decided to venture to the post office. Getting to the post office without a hitch, thankfully, she entered hoping everything would go smoothly. Brittney tried to close her umbrella as she walked toward the appropriate room. The umbrella, however, was in no mood to close. "Of course" Brittney thought, "something had to happen here". She stood in the doorway for approximately 10 minutes trying to get her umbrella closed, which finally did after forcefully doing so. Brittney waited in line to pay her bills. The line was moving quickly...finally something going her way. It was her turn. She handed the bills to the cashier as normal and asked to also pay for her electricity bill, which apparently you must ask about in order to pay. The woman proceeded to speak sternly to Brittney in words she could not understand. "What?" Brittney said in Ukrainian, which was a stupid move as the woman then answered her in more words Brittney did not understand. "Nevermind." Brittney said, as she took her receipts from the bills she did pay and just walked away.

Brittney returned to her apartment feeling battered and bruised, not only physically but also emotionally. Hoping to sit down and check her email to get some work done, Brittney found that her internet was still not working. "Of course it's not working," Brittney exclaimed pitifully. "Today is 'Nothing works for Brittney' Day!" Brittney put her shoes and coat back on, left her apartment, and sulked to the closest internet cafe. There she sat, in a room filled with the scent of body odor and wet dog, checking her email and reflecting on her no good, very bad day. She then realized that it was only noon.


The Stain Family said...

Oh no! What a rough start to a long day. I pray your afternoon is full of happiness. :)

Anonymous said...

I am soo sorry for your rough day. Sometimes when things get off to a rocky start, that's a heads up to stay in! haha Love you! Mom

Alice Robbins said...

I feel with you dear! I have had a few of those days too! I hate going to the post office! They are mean! Good things each day is new! Whew! Have a good weekend!