Nov 7, 2008


I was attacked by a marshrutka (mini-buses that get you around town)!!

After having a trying time at the electronics store--the product I wanted to buy didn't work...why they would set out several boxes of a non-working product I don't know. Finally I settled on something I didn't really want but would do and set out for home. I stuffed my way into a packed bus--I wanted to wait, but I had already waited too I sucked it up and went for it. I'm basically in the doorway of the bus...barely on, leaning on the door. The bus goes then stops to drop off and pick up people. However, no one could get on or off the bus because as the door opened it closed in on my foot. I started yelling, "OW OW OW!" as it was quite painful...drawing way too much attention to myself. They couldn't get the door back, though, cause it was stuck...ya, on my foot! So, this guy had to push it back into place so I could move my foot and let people get off.

It was so embarrassing. This gold-toothed, driver's-helper guy then kept hitting on me...I kept telling him, in Ukrainian, that I was fine and didn't understand him, but it just didn't sink in. Finally I just yelled at him in English. He stopped talking to me, but instead went to just gazing at me. Super.

Next the bus stops at a stop light...not too far from where I usually get off...AND the bus breaks down. Yep. It's hot, there are too many people on the bus, I'm sweating, and my foot hurts. I want out of there! However, I don't know how to say "open the doors and let me out." Finally, after the driver and his happy helper tried to start the bus over and over, some other people starting yelling at them to open the doors. I grabbed my bag--the dude grabbed my arm!--broke free, and took off. It was a super special experience.


Anonymous said...

Haha-nothing like overly-amorous bus helpers!


Samantha said...

Those Ukrainians just can't resist you!

Anonymous said...

Made me remember an overly crowded bus once a long time ago when I was pregnant with Kelsey. It was so hot (because we all had our winter coats on) and I was separated from Greg smashed against a stranger. Then I felt this weird black, spinning sensation creep over me and I shouted to Greg - I'm gonna faint. And I did, but I didn't fall because the bus was so packed. I don't think I was out for too long and a lady walked Greg and I all the way to our house because she was concerned for me!!

Heidi C