Oct 3, 2008


Just when I thought my birthday was over, I was surprised with three more gifts off my birthday wish list. Again, I never thought I would actually receive any of these things, but my wonderful friends and family have blown me away and proven me wrong. Here are the special three:

1. When I got back from our JV Fall Conference (Sept. 25) was surprised by an unexpected care package from the Baker family in Conway! Check!

2. Inside this box was a box of Maggie's Cookies! I was shocked and my neighbors below me were probably wondering what was going on because I was jumping up and down and yelling, "No Way!" Check!

3. Just today I received an email from the Encompass Team (four Arkansas guys who came to Ukraine this summer) with a video attached of them wishing me happy birthday and singing Mr. Big's "To Be With You." They sang this to me this summer at one of our English camps, and I wished I had it on video. Now I do. Check!

I am truly blessed!

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