Sep 28, 2008

Four? Four. Four!

I made it to church today all by myself! I ended up being almost 30 minutes early, but at least I got there. Ok, so typically church lasts about 2.5 hours during which there are two to three sermons along with songs and poems in between those sermons. Today, however, I noticed a big group of Americans as well as three men sitting up at the front. No, that couldn't mean...of course they wouldn't...don't we all think three is enough... It did mean, they did, and apparently there can always be more than three. Today I sat through four sermons. Four! Three Ukrainians and one American spoke. Apparently today is also Thanksgiving in the church, so there was also a kids program and several more songs than usual. Four!


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boo yeah, we get a coffee break after our worship. take that!