Sep 12, 2008


One night I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep. I was a little homesick as well. THUS I decided to make a fun list of things that I would love to have for my birthday, which is today (Sept.13). It's a silly list with most things on it being completely unattainable, but that's what makes it a "wish list" right? It's not a "practical, attainable list"! I thought I'd share...Enjoy

For My 28th Birthday I Want...

1. To watch a movie in English, in a movie theatre

2. The pistachio cake my mom makes for me every year

3. Sushi with Brooke & Garrett

4. Video of the Encompass Team (Arkansas guys) singing to me “To Be With You” by Mr. Big (this already happened, but I wasn’t able to capture it during the fact. I’ll accept a reenactment.)

5. Okra

6. A care package from someone completely unexpected

7. Pad Thai from Pei Wei

8. A cookie cake like the ones at Walmart with the icing..mmm…

9. My special pillow, which I left back in Arkansas (I looked for it the other day, completely forgetting where I was.)

10. My mom’s chicken & dumplings with Meme’s banana puddin’ for dessert

11. A girls’ day/night out

12. Maggie’s Cookies (great cookie shop in Conway)

13. Church only lasting an hour and a half or less, one sermon instead of three, and a peppy choir singing something upbeat

14. Stable internet in my apartment, so I can talk to my friends and family on a regular basis

15. Flowers

Actually a few of the things on the list have come true! I finally got internet in my apartment on Tuesday! It's super slow, but, hey, it's internet. My friend Lindsay is coming into town next week and has promised a girls' day out. I bought myself some flowers today, and they are lovely. Also, Fellowship (my church back in Conway) "sent" me some flowers via Cameron as well. It totally made my day. AND Some wonderful friends of mine made dinner for me and set up a projector in their living room, where we watched a movie like we were in a movie theatre. SO SWEET! I have the best friends ever!

The flowers from FBC

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Mom said...

Yeah! I am glad you had some of your wishes come true. Happy Birthday! Miss you like crazy. Love Mom