Aug 16, 2008


In Krakow (a few weeks ago) I started listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon series on the book of Ruth. I haven't listened to sermons/podcasts in a long time. Honestly, I get bored. I do! I would much rather listen to music for an hour or so than some sermon from a church I don't go to and a guy I don't know. This one, though, was great. Mark Driscoll is hilarious and insightful, allowing me to see the book of Ruth in a new way. I loved it. ALSO, it's a great sermon for singles...couples as well, but definitely really hits on some issues that we as singles deal with. Mark is great at being very upfront about our roles as men and women in Christ, which is really refreshing. I don't like beating around the bush, and he definitely doesn't do that. So, ya, check it out. DO IT!

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