Aug 11, 2008

Stuck in a Moment, And You Can't Get Out of It

Chris (one of this summer's interns) and I have been in Krakow, Poland since Thursday. We were supposed to leave Saturday, however we are still here. Why, you may ask. Well, Chris, on the way to the airport at 4am Saturday morning, realized that he lost his passport. Since one cannot leave the country without a passport, he was screwed. He missed his flight and in a predicament. Basically, since it was a weekend we couldn't do anything about the passport until the US Embassy opened on Monday...goodtimes. Chris = stranded in Poland. The other interns left, and someone needed to stay with Chris. I volunteered. Ya ya, I'm a giver. Anyway! I thought this would be a good experience for me incase this ever happens again, plus a good opportunity to do things on my own...gain some independence/knowledge about traveling alone. THUS, Ben and Kristy went back to Ukraine, and Chris and I remained.

We are exhausted, or "fatigued" as Chris has said. We are Krakow'd out! Since we aren't flowing with cash, there's not a whole lot of various eateries we can attend (obvious alternative = McDonald's, mall food court, & those round bread things). Also, we have run out of boarding, so tonight will be another adventure! We did finally get him a new temporary passport, so he can now leave the country legally. However, he is still without flight. The Polish airline ladies are not my favorite people right now. They keep telling us to go talk to the other people who tell us that they can't help us...blah blah blah. We gave up on them and are now depending on the lovely and talented Sarah Bertrand in the Wheaton JV Office. I love her. SO...Chris and I basically are waiting...and waiting...and waiting. We have been walking back and forth between the train/bus station (where we've stored our bags), the mall, center, and our special internet cafe. Goodtimes. Living it up in Krakow!

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Just Us - The Carlsons said...

Brittney I am absolutely with you in Krakow in the airport with those Polish airline ladies tossing you back and forth!! Oh my. I flew into Krakow just a few days later - perhaps I could have helped a bit.

I'd love to hear how you lived it up the the beauties in croatia sometime..