Aug 13, 2008


I'M HOME!!! Be it for only 4 days, but I'm here none-the-less!

I got back in Ukraine last night around midnight thirty after an eleven-hour train ride from Krakow. Chris finally got a flight home, which meant I finally got to leave. It was my first time to take the train, alone, and from one country to another. I was a little nervous. Though, as I sat in my train compartment praying that I'd have the room all to myself or that whoever came in didn't make me put the windows up (it was super hot!), two older ladies came in. Honestly, I thought, "Dang it! They're going to make me put the windows up!" One was speaking Ukrainian (the mom, Kristina), and the other (the daughter, Olga) turned to her mom and said something about not understanding what was going on. She said this in English in a lovely British accent! My heart lept for joy! Turns out Kristina is a British citizen, who was from Ukraine. She was evacuated from Ukraine in 1942 when the Nazi's were invading. She had to go work at some Nazi camp thing in Germany for a while! Wow! I was so excited to have the opportunity to sit with this woman, and hear all about her fascinating life. Unfortunately, though, that's all I got out of her. Olga acted like it wasn't something her mom liked to talk about, so I quit asking questions. It was cool, though, just to hear all that.

It was a great train ride, and went by smoothly. I feel so blessed with such an easy first cross-country train experience! Kristina gave me a big hug when we left the train and said thank you. I'm gonna miss her. :-)

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