Aug 6, 2008

Beauty is Pain

Today Val and I treated ourselves to a moment of beauty. She got a facial, and I got a pedicure. Now I've had a few pedicures in my day, but this one beat them all. It was the longest, most painful pedicure I have ever had! I was in the seat for two hours and 15 minutes. Two hours! She looked at my feet and shook her head because they were so bad. I tried to tell her that I had been at camp the past two months, but she didn't understand. Once she started working on my feet she didn't just use a normal pumice stone to clean my heals, she used this electric sander of death! It was awful! I tried to express to her in a nice way that it was hurting, but she just would move to a different part of my foot then go back. It was this spinning piece of metal that apparently sands your calluses...I could see smoke coming up from my foot! It felt like she was burning my skin off. Val told me later that she said my feet were so bad, the worst she had seen, and that I needed to use this medical cream for my heals! She basically made me purchase it. Though it was a long, painful, and expensive (which I didn't find out until I paid...totally different than the price she told me originally) experience, my feet are now lovely and smooth...and a little sore.


The Stain Family said...

Poor thing...they look beautiful though!

Tomis said...

ur tootsies lol.