Aug 14, 2008


I know you have all been anxiously awaiting to hear who won the first annual PhotoShoot Contest. I apologize for taking so long to announce the winner...I've been a little tied up lately (see previous posts). :-)

OK! This was a difficult choice as all participants were quite the competitors. However, one group really stepped up and embraced all that PhotoShoot is and should be. They even took it one step further. So...the winner is...(*drumroll)...


The Dallas team really excelled at PhotoShoot. The thing that clinched their victory was them taking the game to another level. They added a "PhotoShop" option--this included making the posed person freeze long enough for the PhotoShoot caller to change the pose in any way he/she desires...hilarious. Well done, Dallas, well done.

In Second place we have the IOWA TEAM!!!

Iowa was quite the competitor, and since they were there for the creation of the game it was hard to put them in second. They were great and so much fun to play with! Definitely a very creative team!

Finally, in Third place we have the NEW JERSEY TEAM!!!

Good job, New Jersey. You did well. Next year you will be a bit more prepared, and I hope to see you higher in the ranks.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the teams, and thank you for participating. If you'd like to see some of this summer's greatest PhotoShoot shots click HERE. ENJOY!


Samantha said...

How fun :) I need to catch up on all of your entries from this summer, now that I am back for camp.

I hope that you are loving it!

Sam said...

wow, i am speechless. the glow of this moment will not fade easily. thank you to the academy, thanks to my agent, and to all the little people who made this possible...