May 14, 2008

PASSION World Tour!

The PASSION Conference is launching a worldwide tour, and they are starting in Ukraine! (If you don't know what Passion is, check it out HERE, and check out the world tour info HERE.) It's super exciting to have this big Christian conference coming to Ukraine, especially one that reaches so many young people. The conference is this Friday, May 16. We're taking a couple girls from the youth group, which is a miracle! These students are so busy with school this time of the year, so we were afraid no one would go. But they are! Plus Ben and Kristy are bringing some students from their youth group as well. It's going to be amazing!


Samantha said...

that's so awesome!

lp said...

is this the gig that louie giglio speaks at? he spoke a few months ago at the church i am attending here in california. it was interesting. i'd love to hear your thoughts after you attend.