May 12, 2008

LOST Season 1

Today was a momentous day! Today I got lost for the first time...first of many lost moments that I'm sure will come. I was absolutely lost! I literally had no idea where I was. Nothing at all looked familiar. I took a little Googlemaps picture to show you where I think I ended up. The green line is where I should've gone, and thought I was going. The red line is where I think I actually went. I walked and walked hoping something would look familiar, but alas nothing did. Finally I found a tax to SAVE (not safe) me and take me where I needed to go. He was nice.

Lviv is a very confusing city!

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lp said...

i recall getting miserably lost in l'viv at one point. we had marta...but she wasn't feeling like helping us translate that day. she was probably busy checking out billy. she succeeded in that checking outness...(the results of which will be celebrated within the month). however...this resulted in us being lost-ed for awhile. i must admit...that i thought this post was going to be about locke and desmond and how one attempts to move an island. but, it superseded my expectations. :)

also, i love the google map! now i know where you live!