May 10, 2008

Old School vs. IKEA

I had never heard of IKEA until I came to Ukraine. (Being from the south, we don't so much have IKEA.) So far I have decided that there are two types of apartments in Ukraine. One, traditional Ukrainian-style (aka Old School) apartments. Two, IKEA-style apartments. The Old School apartment typically has the large persian rugs, both on the floor and on the walls, more traditional furnishings, lots of random coffee tables of all shapes and sizes, and several hutches/shelving units. The IKEA apartment is painted one color and has fine lines, modern-style furnishings, and the occasional entertainment center and coffee table.

To be honest, I had visions of my new apartment being the IKEA apartment. I had the couch picked out, the bedroom furniture, and even the rug. However, it turns out that I have scored an Old School apartment sans carpeted walls. That's ok, though! I shall make it my own and sprinkle some IKEA love here and there.

IKEA Apartment

Old School Apartment


lp said...

YES! this is one of my favorite posts. you don't have any murals on the wall? like...the wallpaper that looks like a forest? you should totally get one of those. that would be amazing.

Rebecca said...

What a spacious apartment for just one person! Can I come visit you and take up some of that space? hehe. I love IKEA, but I have to say that I love the unique look of you apartment most of the furniture going to be left, or is that the current residents?

BritBoat said...

Well, a couple live in this current IKEA apartment, but yes it's nice and spacious. Thanks! I'm glad you like my apartment. It's cozy. The furniture does stay. It belongs to the Ukrainian woman who owns the apartment.