Mar 2, 2008

Head Over Heals!

I'm officially completely and utterly infatuated with Jane Austin. I say "infatuated" because I don't think I can say "love" since I have not actually read any of Ms. Austin's books. I have, however, watched several of the Jane Austin-related movies: Pride & Prejudice (the long and short version), Sense & Sensibility, Emma, The Jane Austin Book Club, and Becoming Jane. I love them. I want to run out and get every book Jane Austin ever wrote. Not sure where I should start. Maybe Persuasion? Or maybe Pride & Prejudice because it's my favorite of the movies? Huh.
Not gonna lie, I'm a little obsessed right now.

Picture from the movie Becoming Jane


Stephanie said...

i suggest pride and's one of my favorite books...definitely in my top 3

Anonymous said...

I so totally get what you are feeling... - jay

Sam Swartz... said...

Pride and Prejudice is INCREDIBLE.
But Northanger Abbey is right up behind it in second place. Persuasion is good, it's just hard to get into at first.

Love love love em.