Feb 25, 2008

So close!!

I am so close! I currently only have approximately $450 of monthly support left to raise before I can leave for Ukraine. Only $450/mo. That's it! God has provided in amazing ways just within the past 8 days! It's close...it's so close! PLEASE PLEASE keep praying for the rest of the money to come in quickly.

Basically the end of December and January sucked. It was a really super hard time filled with emotional and spiritual rollercoasters. I have been up and down, back and forth, disappointed and encouraged, scared and secure...which I suppose is what a missionary in the support-raising process goes through, especially one who has been going through it for as long as I have...one year and six months to be exact. Well, I am definitely a testament to that...To God's provision...To the way He can teach you so much when you feel so far away from Him or from where you feel you should be...To being broken so much that all you can do is cry and look up...

Yep, it's been a crazy year and a half...and it's not over yet.

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Alice Robbins said...

I will keep on praying! You will get here! You will!!!!! Keep the faith! So close! So close!!!

Can't wait!