Jan 1, 2008


I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful emails and calls I have received by my friends, from all over the world. I feel so loved. It makes me cry. I love your prayers and encouraging words. They make me cry more. It's a good cry, though, mixed in with a healing cry. It's still hard. I can't seem to get the hard out of my head, even as things are getting better. Someday.

My dad is irritable and restless. He's off bed rest! My mom and him celebrated last night at exactly 10pm with sitting up in the bed and moving his left leg. He was happy. Today they moved him to another room where he's able to get up and walk around a little, but he's still on a liquid diet. He hates it. He thinks it's stupid and doesn't see what having solid foods have to do with his heart. He also wants to smoke, and that sure isn't happening! Not sure he's the nurse's favorite patient right now. He's ready to get out of there, and we're ready for him to come home. He's gotten contradictory stories from nurses and doctors as to when he can leave and what he can and can't do. This is not helping with the stress level. It's quite annoying. BUT we're thinking he will come home tomorrow. Hoping. Praying.

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