Jan 1, 2008


My dad is home. Much to our surprise, the doctors FINALLY went in to see him and released him to go home. He was home in time for dinner. A healthy, yet traditional New Year's Day dinner.

With my dad came a chart, a chart of all minor and major blockages that are still present in his heart. There are still some arteries that are anywhere from 40 to 90% blocked! The 90% one is too small and too dangerous to get to. The doctor's are confident, though, that medicine will help these. I also now know that my dad's type of heart disease is Coronary Artery Disease, partially caused by genetics and partially caused by lifestyle. He will struggle with this the rest of his life. He's affected, though. He really seems to want to try this time. It was scary...still is a little. He's home, though. We're so glad he's home.

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Stephanie Brant said...

brit, so glad to hear your dad is home! i will continue to be praying!