Jan 3, 2007

New Beginnings

I feel like I've been given a new start. Yes, it is a new year..duh...but that's not what I mean. Over the holidays some pretty great stuff happened and I had some revelations.

I learned things about myself, my attitude and heart, that I had been blind to. Ever been so blinded by your own selfishness, hurt, and confusion that you can't see that you are truly hurting someone else? All the while, though, you thought it was that person hurting you? I let out feelings of bitterness, regret, hate, hurt, unforgiveness, loss, and discontent all in one coversation. Note, the conversation was mostly filled with sobbing and hyperventilation, but none-the-less.... It was the best conversation I've had in a year and a half. After letting out things I didn't even know were in me, God showed me how blind I was and how forgiveness was always there. Though, it wasn't I who needed to forgive but to be forgiven. So...I've been given a new beginning in this relationship. One that is different than I have ever known, but one that is healthy and beautiful...something I have longed for. Thank you, Lord, for giving me not only a mirror-image but also a best friend.
Not everyone can say that.


Anonymous said...

Know that we love you and that we are happy for you. May god bless you and keep you safe in your training and your travels. We love you.. Big Sis & the kids..

BritBoat said...

Thank you! I appreciate the comment...I feel loved. :-)