Dec 12, 2006

My Heart

My heart aches tonight.

How can someone choose "strategy" over "where God leads you"? Should I question my heart if it's not in your strategic window? Should I question God's leading if it's not what you say is what is "going to bring Jesus back" or what's "top priority"? Who are you to say where I should or should not go? Can you truly say that you are "willing to go ANYWHERE" for Christ? Even if that anywhere isn't on your map?


Anonymous said...

constantly am i on the verge of tears.

Kevin McKelvy said...

Good word Brittney. Strategy is a good thing, but it does not have the same authority as inspired Scripture. The 10/40 Window definitely deserves significant attention and focus, but it's not the only place in the world where God is moving and legitimate cross-cultural ministry opportunities exist.

BritBoat said...

Thanks, Kev. I am a firm believer in reaching the 10/40 Window. It's just when people look down on or criticize me, and others, who are being lead out of the window, I get a little fired up. :-) Thanks.