Jan 3, 2007

On the road again...BEAUTIFUL!!

It is a new year and I've hit the ground runnin'...well, drivin, but whatever! I left January 1 for Palmer Lake, Colorado, where I will be for a month doing missionary-type training at MTI (Missionary Training International). For the first couple weeks I will be in PILAT, which is language acquisition training--basically it's teaching you phoentics and how to learn a new language; good stuff. Then I will start SPLICE, which is more cultural stuff--learning how to better adapt to a new culture and ministry...and other stuff. It's pretty cool. I'm SUPER excited about it!

Today was our first full day of PILAT, and my brain is already tired. I've heard more Vietnamese today, than I ever thought I would. I now know the Vietnamese word for nose, eye, and...ya, that's about it. I don't know if there will be any people from Vietnam in Ukraine, but if I happen across someone from there I can definitely talk about parts of their face! Comes in handy in a pinch!

I'm excited about what the rest of this week holds. I've already met tons of great people, two of whom are going to be serving in Lviv as well! I already know some neighbors! YES! They are from Czech Republic, who moved to the States to go to school, and are now going to Ukraine as missionaries. How cool is that.

Here are some pictures from the drive to Colorado. ENJOY!!
(note: ice pictures were provided by Tomaz and Miriam...because their pics were better than mine)

GORGEOUS! This was everywhere. It's like the entire landscape was made of ice...picture the Ice Queen's palace in Narnia, but without the whole palace part.

This is grass...well, underneath the ice anyway. It was like looking at a field of diamonds.

The fences were entirely covered in ice. Amazing.

My stupid google maps directions led me to some back roads that were completely covered in snow and ice. Needless to say I had to peel my hands off the stearing wheel to take this picture. They just don't teach you how to drive on stuff like that in Arkansas. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, though. So...I guess the directions weren't so stupid after all.

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