Sep 20, 2006

I want to be a Buisness Magor, Docter, or Model??

Well, I am in my third day of traveling season for the Arkansas high school's college fairs. It's been...well...special.

First, I'm sick. I'm pretty sure I have coughed up a lung, which must be why it kills me to just breathe! Also, I've lost my voice. Not so much a good thing for a recruiter who has to talk to students all day.

Second, kids today are just different. I'm not talking about "not the same as another" different, but "special" different. There are some crazy kids out there. I've seen things and heard things that I could really have gone through my life just fine without seeing/hearing. Honestly, do those skeleton gloves really keep your hands warm or are you trying to make a statement? Someone PLEASE turn on the air conditioners so that these girls will wear shirts bigger than a bandana!

Third, there is such a lack of interest in higher education! What's up with that?! Kids seem to be two extremes: hopeless or arrogant. They either think they aren't good enough for your college, or your college isn't good enough for them. Little jerks...bless their hearts! :-) (that makes it ok if I say that)

BUT...through it all I like my job. I like traveling. I like being out there and talking to the students, especially those great ones that you really connect with. I talked to this one girl about missions for about 15 minutes (a long time in the admissions world). I also got to talk to foreign exchange students from Czech Republic and Indonesia. So cool. There are definitely moments that make it all worth while.

Ah...the future of our country.

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Anonymous said...

still thinking on the proposition. you think i can take courses online overseas? if i could study russian while i was'd be a strong possibility right now....