Sep 12, 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow! I love ya, Tomorrow!

What should I do for my birthday tomorrow? 26. Not much too special about that. Four years closer to 30. Huh, no big deal; it's all good. Out to eat...check. See a friends band play...check. Now what? Not much you can do on a Wednesday night in Conway, AR when you have to be at work the next morning.

HOWEVER, if I had a jet, I'd fly with a friend to Italy, sit at a lovely cafe, have some wine that I will hopefully like (as I normally don't like wine, but you're in Italy so you have to drink wine; I think it's a law), take pictures of the gorgeous scenery, take a walk, go to a a little dance, reluctantly come back home, and call in sick to work the next day. What a good day. Maybe someday...maybe.


elizabeth said...

can i go w/ you to italy? that would be fantastic. i think you're fantastic. I am thankful for the way God made you. you are a beautiful creation. may you have an awesome evening. i am thanking God for you tonight.

Anonymous said...


Manda said...

i look forward to our trip to italy! it will be Fantastic!
much love to ya!