Nov 24, 2014

TAKE 543...*SNAP!

Ok, let's try this blog thing again.  My sister, Brooke, has started blogging again (she's so funny and clever), which has inspired me to try this again.  It's not that I ever really quit, I just stopped.  Is that the same thing?  I feel like quitting is a conscious decision to forgo action, whereas just stopping isn't necessarily on just stopped.  That's me.  Life happens.  Ups and downs.  Mostly downs for me, thus causing stoppage.  Downs are the time I need to write's therapeutic...but I don't.  I just...stop.  I stop communicating and crawl into a protective me-cave so as to ignore/hide from the downs.  That is until the downs kick in the metaphoric door and demand to be faced and overcome.

I'm making my way back out of the cave, so here I am writing, trying, engaging.

P.S.  I live in Colorado now and am back in Financial Aid, freelancing on the side.  Oh the changes!  Here's my website:  BritBoat Designs.  I also have an Etsy and Facebook.  I need to update them, as I've done some projects here and there since.  Check em out and spread the word!

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