Oct 7, 2013

The Reinvention of Me

I'm different.  If you knew the Brittney Boatman 5 years ago, you wouldn't recognize me. (not physically, of course; no plastic surgery for this gal...silly)  Same for 3 years ago, 1 year ago, and even 3 months ago.  I'm a different Brittney.  

I'm stronger.  I have more confidence.  I'm braver.  I take more pictures with my mouth open (this is a good thing).  I'm an artist.  I love deeper.  I love my job.  I share more freely.  I have vision and passion.  I pray.  I ask God to speak.  I hear God when He speaks.  I trust God more.  I don't worry as much.  I have peace.  

I'm different.  I'm so good.

I do more high KICKS!  This is very good.

Example of the "Brittney smile"...yes, it is so cool that it's been trademarked.

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