Sep 21, 2012


I have written so many blog posts in my head from then and now.  Unfortunately that's where they stayed.  I didn't also write in them in my heart per Jesus's instructions.  Granted He may not have been talking specifically about blog posts, but it works none-the-less.  I really should start using that memo app on my phone more.  Start writing those puppies down to type 'em in to share with the world!  I apologize for my forgetfulness and lack of writing on my blog more.  My bro-in-law Garrett posts something every day.  Some are short and short, some are ridiculous, and some are quite insightful and thought provoking.  I should do this.  I don't know why, but I feel like when I post something it has to be a certain length and actually say something that will stick with you.  This isn't the case.  I can write a blog post about toilets one day, and that can be it.  Maybe I will.  I'd like to post once a day, but I just don't know I can make that commitment.  Instead, I'm going to go for twice a week.  Yes, shoot small and be pleasantly surprised if you go big.   :-)

This has been my life lately:
Yes, another Ben picture.  You're welcome.  I try to spend as much time with him as possible.  I mean, look at those cheeks!  Who wouldn't want to squeeze him all day?!

Art projects!  This is my latest creation...or shall I say RE-creation.  It was so much fun transforming this dresser into a piece of functional art.  I have definitely discovered something I LOVE doing!  By the way, if anyone wants me to do something like this for them, I'm offering up my services.

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