Feb 13, 2012


I watched this movie the other night, and it got me thinking.   

What would you do if you got sick, your world was turned upside down, tragedy struck, everything changed, your path took a left turn?  Would would change anything, do anything different?


lp said...

i would definitely come to visit you sooner...rather than later.

Bynum said...

Umm.... Yes. That would definitely change my perspective on what I'm doing right now. Mainly in the area of my work life.

First of all, I haven't seen the movie yet. It's actually next up in my Netflix queue. Can't wait to see it.

If something like that happened to me, I would get out from behind this desk and do something else. Not sure what, exactly, but it ain't this. I would be (am) so thankful for the relationships that I have, but spending almost 60% of my waking hours during the week staring at this computer? Sheesh.

Hmmm. I got a lot of thinking to do.