Jan 14, 2012


I'll admit it.  I have been avoiding posting a new entry on my blog because I loved the "Ode to Felicity" post SO MUCH that I didn't want anyone to miss it.  Alas, I know now, *sigh*, that it is time to move on and share all that's been going on post-Felicity.  

The baby shower has come and gone.  Christmas has come and gone.  My sister and brother-in-law have come and gone.  New Year's Celebrations have come and gone.  With all that to say, so much has happened!  2012 for sure is a year of new beginnings for me.  I'll talk more about that in my next post.  To catch up, I'll give you some fun pictures to highlight the comings and goings over the past month.

My mom had knee surgery.  Isn't she cute?!  She's all good now, no worries.

Roommate Christmas presents!!  Yes, I made Kristen a collage of our Ode to Felicity pictures.  JEALOUS?!  

Kristen's Christmas costume--for a Christmas party--I helped her paint.  I drew these two, and Kristen painting the whole thing.  Ya, we're super creative...and pretty.  Sure, I may have gotten a little OCD with it, but it was so much fun!    

The final product!  She was a Target gift card premiering Milton Bradley games.  

Cookie Exchange party with the NCC girls!  So many treats, so little stomach capacity.

Making our traditional Boatman Christmas cookies
Baby Shower time!!  Love this picture!  Lacee and I both made Ben's Scrabble pieces; kind of a gift for Garrett, as he loves him some Scrabble/Words with Friends.  I did the animal paintings, with some guidance from Kristen; she was a huge help picking colors.  It was SO MUCH FUN to give Brooke these special, home-made gifts.
The Amazing Kinney girls who helped SO MUCH!!  That's Lacee in the middle--my partner in crime--and to her left is her mom, who did all the AMAZING center pieces for the tables.  Maybe I'll do another post with just pictures from the shower.
Keepin' it real.  Doing a little practice posing before the family photo.

It'll do

Favorite picture of Christmas!!!

Molly & Abby opening their presents.  Yes, they actually open their presents.  It's amazing.  Our dogs are brilliant.  At least Molly is...Abby is, well, more street-smart, scrappy & resourceful. 

Large Family Christmas!  In Texas with my mom's side of the family.  We haven't all gotten together like this in a while.  This picture is also a game!  It's called "Where's Jim?!" kinda like "Where's Waldo."  It's fun.

With my grandpa (mom's dad) for Christmas.  No game in this one unfortunately.
There is a woman in Burkburnett, TX who makes these huge displays and sets them out for Christmas every year.  She adds a new one each year as well.  I love going to see them!  They are AMAZING!  This woman is super talented; she does everything herself: cutting the wood, drawing, painting, and installing the lights.  Amazing.  Finally I decided to take pictures. 
The Lion, Witch, & the Wardrobe: The Chronicles of Narnia.  One of my favorites.  So intricate!  No, that's not a photograph; it's a painting.  Blowing your mind, huh. 

OK!  Well, that should just about do it for now.  I promise to post a link to more Baby Shower and Christmas pictures.  There are some good ones, believe me.  Now, on to other news...

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