Dec 6, 2011


We only have four more episodes before it's over.  The end of an era.  The end of Felicity.  As Kristen's (my roommate) and my time of watching Felicity comes to a close, we wanted to share with you our journey.  As portrayed in this montage, these are the emotions we have experienced on this Felicity, roller coaster ride of greatness.  To Felicity:

It started out as a mere television show we could watch together as awesome roommates.

We laughed, "Oh silly Javier!"

We were outraged, "No, Felicity, you're an idiot!  Choose Noel!"

We cried, "What's wrong with you, Ben?  We hate you...but we love you."

We enjoyed cups of coffee as if we were there at Dean & Deluca. 
We were shocked, "She's dropping pre-med for art?!"

We were moved, "He still loves her, even after all this time."

We were confused, "The Twilight Zone episode: What the crap was that?"

We were disgusted, "Yep, Elena is a ho."

We celebrated, "Felicity & Noel are finally together!  He's the greatest!"

We created our own lyrics to the Felicity theme song during the first two seasons, when there were no lyrics.  We could've made some sweet cash if this were 1998.  
*in a whisper, as only Felicity would do it*
"Dear Sally..." 


Garrett J Rea said...

This was delightfully wicked, loosely funny at the fringes and asinine. Wonderful is not the Wo rd as that would be too tame. Good is too much and so the truth ( like my hysterectomy) must remained shrouded in secret. Here's a hint: good post.

brookejrea said...

Ha! Ha! (one for the blog and one for Garrett's comment) So good. I love the pictures.

BritBoat said...

Garrett, thank you? And, you're crazy.

Thanks, Brooke! We had so much fun doing this! We took way more pictures than shown here, but alas I had to pick the best. haha

Chris Loux said...

What the frick is going on here?! Insanity...

BritBoat said...

Just, ya know, letting people in.