Nov 14, 2011


Yesterday and today have been a warm 70something degrees, humid, and super windy.  Last week it was rainy with a chilly 40-50 degrees.  Wednesday or Thursday (of this week), it is supposed to go back in to the 50s with possible freezing temps at night.  What the crap?!  Seriously, pick a season!  It is November, almost Thanksgiving, but outside it's April.  Annoying.  I love love LOVE Fall weather...the chilly--but not too cold--weather that finally merits comfortably wearing a long-sleeve shirt of sorts with jeans, a cute scarf, and close-toed shoes.  I also hate humidity....or rather, my hair hates humidity.  I'd like it to stay in the 50s, be chilly, sometimes sunny sometimes overcast, and lovely.  I want it to be brisk outside, so you can bundle up in a hooded sweatshirt and pants (of course, don't be silly), and go for a walk to enjoy the beautiful foliage that Northwest Arkansas provides in abundance. *sigh*  It's during these annoying, unpredictable, Arkansas-weather months that I miss being in Europe.  By now, it's been snowing over there--or at least super close to it.  Predictable, chilly, scarf-wearing weather.  Give me that.

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