Nov 9, 2011


Somedays you just have to stop, stop doing the monotonous, everyday activities that create your daily schedule.  Somedays you need a break from either the job you love or hate.  Today is that day for me.  I woke up at 5:45 AM and decided I couldn't do it today.  I needed a break.  Instead I am working from home on something that supplies excitement and happiness to my soul:  my sister's baby shower invitations.  It's not the actual designing of the invites--though I do thoroughly enjoy designing--but rather the event we are celebrating that gets me excited.  I can not wait to be an aunt to my twin sister's baby.  Yep, pretty sure that kid's going to be spoiled rotten...but not in a people saying, "man, that kid is spoiled, unruly, and gets away with anything" sort of way...more in a "I'm going to love him/her SO HARD that he/she will never ever question it.  Anyway...that is what I am doing today.  I think that's worth a break.  Don't you?

Here's some sample invitations, as I haven't decided on the final choice.  I'd love to hear your feedback!  Which one do you like the best? (note: these are all gender neutral, as we don't know the gender yet...and Brooke loves green)

Not my favorite
Cute and Simple

One of my favorites (note: part of the left side will get cut off, which is why the table  spills out of the margin a bit)
A variation of the one above. Brooke & Garrett also love cows.
Another favorite... but I'm afraid it's too busy.  Maybe I'll take away the bow?
A variation of the one above... no legs, just presents.

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Melanie said...

I like the one with the REA hanging and the basket with the cow. They are all really cute and WAY more creative than the ones I am working on today for Matt's brother and his wife! :-) BTW, as for being an Aunt??? It is the COOLEST THING EVER!!! (And I say this as a mom of 4 years to two WONDERFUL children). But there is something really special about watching someone you love become a mom/dad and have that wonderful little person take over their life. Sadly, Mike and his little Claire live 5 hours away (which I guess is closer than Ohio!)...