Oct 10, 2011


Saturday (two days ago) I was surprised with a visit from my twin sister, Brooke, and bro-in-law, Garrett, whom two months ago moved to Findlay, Ohio aka Far Far Away.  Apparently they had been planning this for a while, and I never knew.  This weekend was their fall break (they both teach at the University of Findlay), and I was under the impression that they were going on a mini-vacation to the mountains near Pennsylvania.  So on Friday I am gmail chatting away with Garrett asking about their plans and about skyping with them on Saturday.  All the while they were about to get on a plane to Arkansas.  I was completely blindsided; I had absolutely no idea.

I have never been so surprised my entire life.  It was awesome and very very weird at the same time!  Saturday morning I was sitting on the back porch at my parents' house drinking coffee with the padres when all of a sudden the back door started to open.  I was immediately freaked out because I for sure know neither Molly nor Abby (the dogs) have yet learned how to open doors using the handle...notice I said "yet."  Anyway...the door opened and out came Garrett.  I was literally stunned.  I sat frozen not knowing what was happening.  I looked around because I seriously felt like I was either A) still dreaming or B) going to pass out.  It was the weirdest yet most wonderful feeling in the world!  Then Brooke came out, my parents proceeded to the traditional hugging ceremony, and I remained stunned unable to speak.  Finally, after realizing that the event taking place truly was not a dream, I started crying overwhelmed by the surprise and excitement of having them home.

I have missed my sister and brother-in-law so very much.  Words actually can not truly express how much.  I lived with them here in Arkansas for 11 months after coming back from Ukraine, which was one of the hardest years of my life.  They took me in--providing free room and board--and not only helped counsel me through the year of hell but also helped bring me back to life.  We also laughed so much and have solidified some of the best inside jokes one could imagine.  No, seriously, we're hilarious.  Of course, though, you will never quite understand as you had to be there.  Too bad because, as I said, we're hilarious.

They go back to Ohio tomorrow...blah...but I feel so very special that they came.  Anytime together, little or long, is better than nothing.  Skype is amazing, but you just can't beat in-person.  I am soooooo happy they came!  I love being surprised!!  BEST!  SURPRISE!!  EVER!!!

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Garrett J Rea said...

I am a part of the hilarity. RH retracted (since B. Is still weeping after we read the post.) Very nice and not fun at the same time. See you in noviembre.