Aug 13, 2011


The past three weeks have been doozies!  My life has been twist-turned upside down, and not in the hip-hop, cheesy sitcom "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" sort of way.  It has been a mixture of awful and sweet.  This is why I haven't blogged or been in touch with anyone lately .... just couldn't muster the time, strength, or right words to convey all that's been happening.  SO...this is me trying now: (let's start with the bad news so as to end on a positive note!)

--My dad was in the hospital for a little over a week.  He had surgery on his bladder and colon: there was a hole in his bladder causing all sorts of infection and nastiness; part of his colon was eaten up with infection & had to be removed (about 11 inches removed); then he had to have a stint put in his left kidney because he has multiple kidney stones in both kidneys=not good.  OK, so he got out of the hospital, super weak, but feeling better.
--During all the craziness with my dad, Brooke & Garrett were in the process of moving. Emotions were high as we tried to split our time between helping them move and loving on them for their last two weeks in Arkansas AND visiting and loving on/taking care of my dad while he was in the hospital.  It was so hard and a super super stressful time.
--I have been "gracefully declined" from every job I have applied for and interviewed thus far...well, except for subbing...which continues to hit me hard.
--Brooke and Garrett moved to Ohio August 5. 
--My mom and I got stuck in the Toledo Airport for hours because our flight home continued to be stuck in Chicago causing me to miss my job interview in Tulsa.
--Since my dad got his catheter out (Wednesday) he's been super sick...running a high fever then sweating it out, throwing up anything he tries to put in his system, super weak and dizzy (I'm figuring from dehydration), and in pain because of the kidney stones.  To top it off, now the doctor thinks he has a bladder infection, which is common when people get catheters out.  My dad does not need this right now...not with everything else going on.
--The weather in Arkansas has not dipped below 105 degrees in weeks!  It's miserable!  
--Technically I have moved into an apartment in Fayetteville with my girl Kristen, however I have yet to spend one night there.  I know this bums Kristen out, but I need to be here to help my mom and dad.
--I am super sad and feel a little lost without my sister here.
--As I type this, my mom and dad are on their way to the hospital because he just got too bad to stay at home.  

--My dad was in the hospital, yes, but it's so good that they finally got in there, found the real problem, and fixed him all up.  Let's just hope he can get over these next hurdles quickly.
--In the midst of turmoil and stress, Brooke's dear friend--and now mine--Lacee and I threw B&G a surprise going away party!  It was a huge hit, and they were so surprised.  Brooke was convinced no one seemed to care that they were leaving, so the party was a big redeeming note for her and her friendships.  
--My friend Carrie has moved back to NWA, so we've been hanging out, which is VERY good for my soul.  I LOVE HER!
--I got a fun new cell phone because my inherited old blackberry died.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.
--My mom and I got to go to Findlay, Ohio to help B&G move in and get settled. It was such a blessing to be able to be there for them, doing all the grunt work, and helping decorate their apartment a bit.  We had some super sweet time together, and I am so thankful I was able to go.
--Getting delayed in Toledo meant we got to spend one more night with Brooke & Garrett!
--Thursday I had a great job interview (phone interview to make up for my missing of the Tuesday interview) with the University of Tulsa for an Admissions position.  I never say this.  There has only been a couple other times when I have thought an interview went well, as I'm just a negative Nancy when it comes to these things.  This one, though, I have a great feeling about.  I should know soon about a second interview or not.  Either way, it was a nice boost of confidence for me amid all the rejections.
--The weather in Arkansas has taken a much-needed break from the extreme heat. We've had thunderstorms galore the past few days and temperatures in the 70s and 80s!  HALLELUJAH!
--I have been able to spend some sweet quality time with my parents.  Sure it's been because of a bad circumstance, but I am available to be here for them in ways I haven't before.  I often wonder where in the world I will go next, what full-time job I will get (or if I will ever get one!), what friends I will make, and how well I will do....through this tumultuous time of the unknown and the need/desire to move forward, I have found comfort in the fact that I am here, right now, being used to bring love and help for my family. 
--Unlimited SMS and MMS rocks my face off!!  

Now, here are some pictures:

Brooke, Sarah, & Kayla after the surprise...yep, Brooke cried. Victory!

The Surprise...sorry it's so blurry...I was too busy yelling "surprise!" to take good pictures.

Jake and I hosting the "Clawesome Awards" during the party...BIG hit!


Lovely & delicious cake courtesy of Rick's Bakery

Brooke's excited about her Clawesome Award...yes, that's a high-five trophy.  Jealous?!

Opening presents!

The Fab Four...B&G and Jake & Lacee Knoedl, my partners in crime for the surprise

Moving day

Packed to the brim!  We were actually nervous about it all fitting, but Garrett--being the math genius he is--got it all in there.

Brooke in her new dining area & kitchen in Findlay, Ohio

AMAZING weather in Ohio to sit out on the...well...stairwell area and chat. 

Putting up the picture Lacee, my mom, and I had made for B&G.  It's an amazing picture Laura Troutman took while we were in Venice.

YAY!  It's all put together!!  At least the living room and kitchen are...

Abby being super cute as we all enjoy the new cool weather in Arkansas. (took this picture with my fun, new cell phone!)  :-)

The girls sticking by daddy's side while he's sick...they know something isn't right.  Every time my dad would get sick, Abby would just sit right in front of him, almost like she was making sure he was ok.  Their sweet.  I've been staying at my parents' house taking care of them--and, I guess, my mom--while my dad's been sick.


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