Sep 21, 2010


Well, it's official.  I'm thirty years old.  Weird.  A guy at Walmart asked me how old I was, and I almost said twenty-nine.  I caught myself, though, and said, "wow, I'm thirty. That's weird to say."  He nicely said, "well you definitely don't look it!"  That was sweet...I get it a lot.  I don't feel thirty.  But was does thirty necessarily feel like, ya know.  Thus I say, whatever.  Thirty is just my age and does not define who I am.  It just means I have been alive for thirty years!  Yay for that!  I have survived thirty years!  For that, I celebrate.  For that...and, well, for a lot of occasions...I dress up in gaudy, yet fashionable 80s wear!
Some of Brooke's friends threw us a "surprise" birthday party...the surprise part was that it was an 80s dress-up party!  They all showed up in their fancy duds along with outfits for the two of us.  Thankfully I also have quite the stock of 80s garb close at hand to accent what they brought for us.  *please excuse the poor quality of the was taken on a today!


Claire Patty said...

Brittney, I love you. This picture makes me laugh. :D I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Бритні, ти вся в цій сукні!!!!
Whole Brittney (and her soul =) is in this dress!

BritBoat said...

Thank you!