Dec 25, 2009


We are currently in Burkburnett, TX and stuck. Snuggled in at my Meme's house, we watched as a blizzard blew and blew yesterday. I took tons of pictures...this just does not happen in Texas. This is only the 2nd white Christmas in Texas I have ever seen, no lie. It is intense. We were thinking this would delay our exit back to Arkansas this morning, thinking it would be as bad as it is. Brooke & Garrett barely made it back to their hotel room last night, as snow was up to Brooke's knees and my dad & uncle David drove them in the only car we all have that's capable of semi-making the trip. This morning I woke up to, "We're not going anywhere. All roads to and in Oklahoma are closed, [we have to go through OK to get to AR) so just enjoy the day." What?! This is wild. I mean, the snow/roads here is/are bad. However, I have seen roads as bad or far worse in Iowa & Ukraine, and people were just driving around as all was normal and fine. I suppose they're used to it there, though. Here in the South, not so much. :-)
I'm happy, though, to be stuck at Meme's house. I'm taking this as the Lord's way of deciding 2 days were just not enough to spend with my extended family. Enjoying it!

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