Apr 20, 2009


Today is the day after Easter in Ukraine. They follow the Orthodox calendar as far as holidays go. Part of this tradition is Wet Monday, which is the Monday after Easter Sunday when boys are allowed to soak unsuspecting ladies in water. This is considered lucky for the victims. I had forgotten about this tradition until I got off the marshrutka to walk home after our team meeting. As I was walking past a major square, I noticed a large group of guys pouring water all over these poor girls...well, maybe the girls were playing along, but still. I saw this and began to walk faster just incase I was deemed the next victim. Thankfully I passed the crowd unnoticed and confidently continued my walk home. I was almost to my street when I looked ahead and saw two guys with water bottles in hand. I quickly looked down to the ground, hoping they hadn't noticed me. Unfortunately, though, they did. I watched, via peripheral vision, as they began to pull up more, fuller bottles of water preparing to strike their next victim...ME! You could tell they were getting excited about dousing me with water, so it was even more fun for me to watch their disappointment as I turned down my street just a few feet from where they were standing! HAHA! I rushed quickly to my building door, just incase they decided to come after me. Today I escaped my first Ukrainian Wet Monday.


The Stain Family said...

hahaha...glad you got the last laugh!!

Amanda :-) said...

i love this story!

Geidlbots said...

Americans know how to "get out of Dodge". Good job. You just made your whole country proud.