Apr 18, 2009


Fall has always been my favorite season. All the colors and the cooler air. After long hot summers, Fall is just such a gift. However, lately the weather has just been so beautiful here in Lviv. Winter was so long, cold, and dark. I usually like cold weather, but months upon months of it was far too much for me. Spring has been such a blessing. I just walk outside, feel the sun shining on my face, and I look up--soaking it in--thanking God for the day. Flowers are blooming...the trees outside my window now are sprouting green leaves and white flowers. Life is happening, and I am in awe.

Another perk are the flowers and fresh fruit and vegetables that you can by at the street markets all over the city. Today I went out and bought some lovely vegetables, and treated myself to some beautiful flowers! They are so inexpensive, that you just can't help to partake. I feel so alive. Who knew Spring could have such an affect on a person?! Spring is definitely quickly becoming my favorite season.

Update: Cameron went back to Metro this week, and she brought me back a special present. She found more bags of salad, which you can buy separately! She bought me one. I was thrilled. Smiles all around.


The Stain Family said...

Yay for flowers and salad!

Lindsey Watson said...

ok, how do you know robin?! she and i grew up together! :)

the flowers are beautiful! by some for me next time. ;) and congrats on the salad!!

Lindsey Watson said...

that should have been "buy". not "by". i'm dum. ;)

Geidlbots said...

You like my purse, eh? One can be yours if you either a)trust me to pick out fabric you will like (I have quite a stash) or b) you want to pick out your own. It would be cheaper if you pick "a" and just tell me what you like (I could even email you pics of stuff I have and you could pick that way)--it'll all be on the hizouse b/c you're a missionary and my favorite little theater friend. Oh, and I'd rather make it out of love than for sweet moolah.