Apr 6, 2009


Cameron and I ventured to Metro (the Ukrainian version of SAM's) the other day, which is typically quite a joy for me. You can find all sorts of things at Metro that you normally can't find anywhere else. It's fantastic. During this particular visit I found something that gave me so much joy...I could barely contain myself!! What was it, you may ask. Well, it was *cue beacon of light and angelic music* A BAG OF SALAD!! Yes, that is correct. I beautiful, pre-packaged plastic bag filled with mixed greens making a lovely salad mixture. I enjoy salad very much, and it is often quite difficult to find lettuce--of any kind--here. I was so excited. I grabbed two bags, anxious to relish in the eating of a lovely salad with salad dressing for dinner.

Here's where the tragedy comes in. I get to the cashier, she is ringing up all my items, and she gets to the bags of salad. They perplex her. Salad in a bag apparently is quite a shocking site. I didn't understand. She set them aside and told me to wait. I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited. The cashier and two other women kept taking the bags of salad back and forth from one podium to another. It was very dramatic. All the while I'm standing there trying to figure out what the deal was. Finally it was revealed. The bag kept ringing up a pretty high price, which didn't seem right to the cashier. After all the inspection, she turns to me and tells me that I can not buy the sweet, beautiful packages of salad goodness. I was completely distraught. It turned out that I wasn't allowed to buy the packages by themselves; you have to buy the entire pallet of bags of salad. What?! Needless to say I don't need 100 bags of salad, no matter how much I like salad. I was super depressed. I'm not gonna lie, I almost started to cry. No salad for me.

Some day we will meet again


The Stain Family said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That is very sad. So sorry.

Steph! said...

I'm sorry Brit! That is so so so sad! Metro is weird. I remember them doing that to Ben one time. They wouldn't let him buy something because it wasn't ringing up right...oh metro! But anyway, I hope you get salad soon!

Lauree "LO" Austin said...

That sucks!! Boo on Ukrainian SAM's club policy on salad allotment, boo!!

Jay said...

We found some more salad for you. I hope it makes you as happy as not having it made you sad. Do you think it will justify a blog entry?